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Whitcomb Family Daycare
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For over twenty years, the Whitcomb home has been known as a delightful place for children to play and to learn.
Driving Directions, Page One
The Whitcomb Family Daycare, at 4503 Walnut Avenue, is worth a drive through Lakewood.
How To Get There, Page Two: Closer To Whitcomb's
After driving south on Cherry Avenue, turn right onto 45th Street
Daycare in Long Beach, California
The Whitcomb Family Daycare is highly regarded by parents, and Children's Home Society of California has referred parents to this family home daycare for years.
Healthy Meals In Child Care
When eggs are served, they are the best:
NORCO "Large Brown" Grade AA eggs
Long Beach Babysitting
A babysitter can come to your home to care for your child; a licensed family daycare provider receives you and your child into her home. But
a closer look reveals more.
Los Angeles County Child Care
Read and research carefully before choosing a child care.
California Law and Child Care
Consider this brief summary of Family Child Care regulations.
Whitcomb Family Home Child Care
. . . Jonathan and Gladys, a balanced husband-wife team, give the children what they most need: a loving home to learn . . .
Home Child Care Safety and Health
Keeping children safe and healthy--that's what Jonathan and Gladys Whitcomb do at Whitcomb Family Daycare in Long Beach, California.
4503 Walnut Avenue
Long Beach, California 90807
Near Cerritos & Lakewood, California
friendly [at] longbeachchild.com

Family Home Day Care license # 191604310
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Call today: 562 427-6027 and talk with
Gladys. You'll be glad you called Gladys.
Babysitting or child care in Lakewood, California
. . . consider the possibility that family home daycare may, at times, be what you will need, rather than babysitting . . .
Long Beach Babysitter
A trusted babysitter who is available when your child needs care--that person usually takes care of your child in your own home. That's in the usual meaning of "babysitting."
Cerritos, California, Babysitting
"Family home child care might sometimes meet your needs better than any babysitting. . . .  care in the Whitcomb Family Daycare . . . normally costs much less than either a babysitter or a nanny,"