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Less than 25% of the meals and snacks
served in the Whitcomb Family Daycare
(a family-run home child care) have any
chicken eggs as part of the menu. But
when eggs are served, they are the best:
NORCO "Large Brown" Grade AA eggs,
organic. The hens have an all vegetarian
diet, free from antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides. And healthy chickens make healthy eggs; that makes healthy human children. (Also, these NORCO chickens are cage-free hens with outdoor access.)
Although less than half of the breakfast meals served in the Whitcomb home include scrambled eggs, when eggs are on the menu, you can expect to see this container on the kitchen counter.

Although you'll not find any chickens in the backyard of the Whitcomb home, you can watch children playing in the backyard "Village," while you evaluate the propriety of giving your own child the "care that is rare"--child care in the Whitcomb Family Daycare. Phone Gladys; then come visit.
This web page is not sponsored by NORCO, neither is it sponsored by an association or organization related to the chicken or chicken-egg industry. Whitcomb Family Daycare is directed by Gladys and
Jonathan Whitcomb, who promote healthy diets and healthy life for children in their child care.
Whitcomb Family Daycare
4503 Walnut Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90807

California license 191604310
225 mg of Omega-3 per egg
Whitcomb Family Daycare
Meals (including snacks in afternoons) in the Whitcomb child care home are over-
seen by C.C.D., Comprehensive Child Development. Generally, Gladys prepares the meals herself, as one or two assistant child care helpers help the children in the mid-day. She is very particular about the quality of the food and keeps the kitchen clean and the food safe. She herself was raised in a tradition that had its roots in
an old European tradition of cleanliness.
Call Gladys Whitcomb
today: 562 427-6027
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