Long Beach Child Care
Drive from Cerritos to Long Beach
Closer To Whitcomb's
Drive west on 45th Street (Long Beach)
Turn right onto 45th Street.
Drive west on 45th Street
Driving on 45th Street, Cherry Park will be
on your right again. You're almost there.
Directions, Page Two:
After passing the park, notice that 45th Street bends a little to the right. Whitcomb child care is very close now.
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Why drive to Long Beach for child care?
Where else will your child received free piano lessons and free chess lessons?
The Whitcomb Family Daycare, near
Lakewood (southwest of the area of
Del Amo at Cherry Avenue), stimulates young minds to learn, happily.
Music is important in this child care.
Free piano lessons are fun.
To keep child-identities private online,
faces are obscurred. Also, the photos
may be old, with the child grown and
no longer coming to child care. But
whenever they were here, their smiles
tell the story of happy times.
LBCC Home             Daycare in Long Beach, California
After driving south on Cherry Avenue, turn
right onto 45th Street, next to the park.
Right after turning onto 45th Street, the
tennis courts will be on your right.
Drive ahead
There's a bend
in the road here.
The Whitcomb Family Daycare
(family home child care) has a
white picket fence in front.
On the corner of 45th Street
and Walnut Avenue
About two short blocks past the end of the park is the house: 4503 Walnut Avenue.
Street sweeping is Tuesday and Wednesday (afternoons); park accordingly.
Phone Gladys at 562 427-6027.
California state child care license # 191604310
Some children enjoy the free chess
lessons in this family daycare.