Long Beach Child Care
Convenient to Cerritos, California
How To Get To Whitcomb's
Drive west on Del Amo, through Lakewood.

Turn left onto Cherry Avenue; (drive south).
While driving south on Cherry, very soon you will pass a long wall on the right (a cemetery is behind that wall: Forest Lawn).
When you see another cemetery on the left, you will soon see a park ahead on the right (Cherry Park).
After passing the entrance to the parking lot of Cherry Park, you will come to a large area of grass (with two baseball fields).
Directions, Page One:
You should soon see tennis courts on the right. Regardless, at the end of the park, turn right onto 45th Street (near tennis courts).
Page Two (driving west on 45th Street)
The Whitcomb Family Daycare, at 4503 Walnut Avenue, is worth a drive through
Lakewood. It's not just the individual care
(which you might receive from a baby-
sitter at great expense): Kids here can
play together with safe supervision of the
care givers (yes, usually more than one
loving care-giver present at one time).
Cemeteries are on both sides of the street
when you get this far, driving south.
At the end of Forest Lawn Cemetery on the
right, a Catholic cemetery is on the left.
Feel free to call Gladys: 562 427-6027.
Where Cherry Park (on right) ends, turn
right onto 45th Street.
We, who care for these dear children,
keep their identities private online. The photos may be recent or they may be years old, so no "bad stranger" will be
able to take advantage of the photos.

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