Daycare in Long Beach, California
4503 Walnut Avenue, 90807
Just west of Cherry Park, in Long Beach, the Whitcomb Family Daycare is highly regarded
by parents, and Children's Home Society of
California has referred parents to this family
home daycare for years.
Why cover part of the photo of the face of a child? It may seem an extreme precaution to take, but who knows who is looking at a photo online? Better be safe.
The smile tells the story: Kids love to
spend hours in the Whitcomb home.
Feel free to call Gladys: 562 427-6027.
She shall be happy to talk with you
about your child and about her child-
care home (it's on the corner of 45th
and Walnut just west of Cherry Ave.)
California family daycare (child care)
license # 191604310
Long Beach Child Care Home                Convenient to Cerritos, California                Childcare in Long Beach
On the eastern side of the 90807 zip code area of Long Beach, California, this daycare home (licensed by the state) is convenient
to Lakewood and Cerritos.
Family Child Care Home
The Whitcomb Family Believes
In Protecting Kids
Street sweeping
is on Tuesday
and Wednesday
4503 Walnut
A picket fence helps to keep the toddlers safe when they are dropped off and picked up by parents (there's only one gate).
Although Gladys is a marvel at caring for children--she's been doing it for decades-- she often has assistant care providers. Sometimes there are three qualified professional family home child care
helpers in the home at one time.
Home daycare differs from service provided by a babysitter or a nanny. Family home child care is given in
the home of the care giver. This can
be much less expensive than using
a babysitter for many hours.
Long Beach Babysitting