Chess Book and Online Resources

Possible Gift of a Chess Book

Children, teenagers, and adults can benefit from concentrating on a game of chess, for it’s good mental exercise. For those in school, playing the royal game can improve scholastic performance; yes it has been shown to improvement the brain in ways that can help one’s education.

Resources for Chess Beginners and Intermediate Players

Chess book reviews, tournaments for children, tactical puzzles, best chess books of different kinds, informal game at a chess club, tactics in books, queen-vs-rook endgame

Chess Book for an Early Beginner

How does one become a chess master? Not from learning the rules of the game and then just sitting back in an easy chair to read chess books. The beginner improves much more rapidly by playing chess with post-beginners, at least a few games, then studying one or two of the best books written for novices.

A Common Mistake in Chess Openings

How some beginners bring out their rooks too early and why this is a mistake

Play Chess to Win (for kids)

Winning consistently comes not from stepping through a chess game as if it were dancing to “Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot.” It’s more like dinosaurs attacking.

Chess Books – Choosing a Publication

Different kinds of chess books, how to choose one as a gift, age of the reader who is to receive it, opening books, Beat That Kid in Chess (for the early beginner), etc.

Books in a chess club in Utah

Last month I looked through the chess library in the Harman Senior Recreation Center, West Valley City, Utah. (The senior-citizen chess club meets on Wednesday afternoons, from 12:30-3:00.) I found 102 chess books, some of them published in recent years. What a treasure for the reader interested in the royal game!

“Beat That Kid in Chess” – for Early Beginners to win

A brief book review on the paperback chess book written by Jonathan Whitcomb late in 2015