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Whitcomb Family Home Child Care, for Long Beach, Lakewood, and Cerritos, CA

At the Whitcomb Family Daycare, Jonathan and Gladys, a balanced husband-wife team, give the children what they most need: a loving home to learn and to enjoy childhood. Gladys serves a variety of healthy meals (in accordance with the standards of Comprehensive Child Development)
and oversees all the needs of the children. She changes diapers for the youngest and helps the not-so-little ones to learn to use the bathroom that is convenient, right in the childcare area. Jonathan gives free piano lessons and provides safety.
Smiles are often seen in this child care home. The Whitcomb Family Daycare is on the corner of 45th St. and Walnut Ave, Long Beach, CA,
90807. This home is convenient to Lakewood and to Cerritos, in some cases. Call us.
The WORDS early-reader method of teaching preschoolers to read is used, by Jonathan Whitcomb, in this family home daycare. How does it work? Consider an example: a dog-
picture is shown to the children, but with the word "dog" clearly printed next to the image. The children are told the difference between the picture of a dog and the word. Then another page is shown to them, a page with only the word
"dog." Children quickly learn to read whole words this way,
even three-year-olds, in many cases, can learn to read.
Protect each child's online identity
This Long Beach childcare also teaches preschoolers by the traditional learning of the alphabet
Jonathan & Gladys Whitcomb
Call today: 562 427-6027. "You'll be glad you called Gladys."
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