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When might a babysitter be needed?

Sometimes a grandparent is unavailable, even for only two hours; sometimes parents need to be away from home for two hours. Temporary short-term care for children sometimes can be done by a babysitter. When is this the best choice? When there's no better.

A trusted babysitter who is available when your child needs care--that person usually takes care of your child in your own home. That's in the usual meaning of "babysitting." When the care is regular, more than once per week and more than two hours at a time--that care is given by a nanny. But the key word is "trust," for a babysitter may have little experience.

But a trustworthy babysitter who is experienced may be fine for caring for your child in your own home. For a short and temporary care-giving need, this is sometimes the only option; if your child is less than two years old, a family home child care provider may not have room to legally care for your infant. California has laws about how many infants can be in home care.

When use a family home child care provider?

Consider a licensed family home daycare for care that involves more than occasional short periods of child care during the day, from Monday through Friday: more than two days per month and more than two hours at a time, especially if your child is over two years old.

Your child's age does make a difference in how difficult it may be to find daycare in a home. California limits how many infants (less than twenty-four months) can be in a family home daycare at one time. The reason for this limitation is obvious; perhaps less obvious is the result: Established home care givers often have more children over twenty-four months old than under that age. Legal room for babies often quickly vanishes, making it difficult for the parent of an infant to find a trusted family home childcare provider who can help.

Consider the low cost & benefits of family home care

In the areas of Long Beach, Lakewood, and Cerritos (California), Gladys Whitcomb is the first choice to consider for licensed family home child care. Call her at 562 427-6027. You'll be glad you called Gladys.
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