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Strange to tell, but if you use a search engine, online, with the word "babysitter," you may encounter a lovely site inviting you, as a parent, to search for a babysitter in your area; what's strange about that?
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Below, check out a babysitter page for Lakewood, California.
Those who own this site or business have no affiliation with the Whitcomb Family Daycare (that sponsors this search-shortcut).
Just consider the possibility that family home daycare may, at times,
be what you will need, rather than babysitting (see the link above,
titled "Babysitting"). Family home childcare can cost much less.

Long Beach Child Care For Lakewood

Sittercity site: 90712
Call, instead of a sitter, Gladys: 562 427-6027
Convenient to Lakewood, Whitcomb Family Daycare, at 4503 Walnut Avenue, Long Beach (90807), is a safe and secure home for your child to enjoy away from your home.
Gladys Whitcomb has cared for children here for well over twenty years, often assisted by her husband and by other
qualified (California state approved) care givers.

California family home childcare license # 191604310
Daycare Long Beach California
Whitcomb Family Daycare is just
a bit west of Cherry Park, which
is south of the corner of Del Amo and Cherry Avenue, near the western border of the city of Lakewood, California: worth it.

This long-established child care home has many advantages for preschoolers: WORDS reading training, free piano lessons, and story telling. Meals are free and overseen by the Comprehensive Child Development (C.C.D.).
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We believe in keeping these children safe
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